Taste of Classic French Poilane Bread in Los Angeles

poilane-bread-los-angelesDo you remember those golden days when you spent by the fireside listening to her bedtime stories while biting on the soft, fragrant classic French Poilane bread that tantalizes your taste buds that make you want more of it – can those moments be revived?

Poilane Bread and Tea

As you became mature enough to understand that you have to leave the comfort of your grandmother’s house and leave for distant lands to earn your bread and butter, the thoughts of missing her homemade Poilane bread begin to haunt you. After several years pass by, you begin to peruse that old photo album that reminded you of every moment you spent with her and all that love in that dough she would put in. You realize that she had forgotten to tell you how she used to make that special bread that she would give you for eating every evening with tea. No one could have made it with such finesse and so much love. The very thought of it makes your eyes swell with tears.

Freshly Baked Poilane in LA

Fresh Poilane Los Angeles


After your father, the onus of being the breadwinner of the family came upon you. At that time, you hadn’t much choice but be one of those that are fresh off the boat. The fragrance of grandma’s bread continued to tantalize you and just as you thought that all hope of ever being able to experience that love again was lost, you begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. You stumble upon some fresh Poilane bread Los Angeles and thank your angels for showing you the way but would the bread taste just like the classic French bread that your grandmother made for you when you were just learning how to become a European gentleman later on in life?

The moment it comes fresh out of the oven, your eyes widen. You taste it. It actually ends up tasting just like your grandmother’s bread and you invite all your friends over for this delightful treat and tell them your bread story and they become a part of this wonderful story too, making you wonder whether more are yearning to join you.


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