Best Flavored and Refreshing Mariage Freres Tea

Tea tasting is a connoisseur art. The amazing world of tea is super rich with exotic variations. Usually, not many may be able to name more than green tea and brown tea. However, it may surprise you to know that there are umpteen variations of exotic tastes across the world such as eucalyptus, rose, and calendula. In fact, one can also buy exclusive gourmet tea online. Sipping on the unworldly taste of a rare beverage, lost in a languid contemplation of luxury, you may find clues to the most difficult questions of your life! The closest and dearest moments of life deserve the best of celebrations. Does anyone remember Episode 11 of Gossip Girl (Season 3)? Eleanor was just about to reveal a big secret to her daughter Blair, but she said ‘tea first!’

Elegant Tea

 What was the tea so special, endorsed by Gossip Girl? Eleanor actually said that they should have the ‘most amazing Lapsang Souchong from Mariage Freres.’ The amazement of this gourmet tea was also mentioned in Deborah Harkness’ book ‘A Discovery of Witches.’ Mariage Freres teatc959_largeis a highly exclusive gourmet beverage produced at a sole platform in Paris. The heritage service is more than 150 years old, established 1854 by the family. In fact, the history of this tea stretches far back to 1660 when Pierre and Nicolas Mariage embarked on deputations to Persia, Madagascar, and India on the behest of the King. As they returned with the exclusive tea tastes, the family began its business. For 130 years since establishing the company, the beverage was available exclusively from their Parisian warehouse.

Deluxe Choice

 Mariage Freres tea is among the first preference for luxury class customers. Whether at the dining halls of exclusive hotels or in a romantic gourmet restaurant, the exotic flavors of this beverage essentially creates magic. Among the available aroma, you can find Chamomile teabags, Raspberry, and Earl Grey flavors. Anyone can purchase it online from a credible retailer though. However, not everyone may be even aware of this special amazement that is actually decently affordable for just anyone. Like other herbal teas, these also offer amazing benefits of rejuvenation and relaxation.



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